Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Practical & Pretty

I'm doing a few little updates this week to blog for the cottage!
For those that are new to this little blog for the Los Olivos Cottage, I am Roxanne...and I designed the cottage and write this little blog as a place for those lovers of the charming little town of Los Olivos and for those who have stayed or want to stay at the cottage!
Firstly, I guess it's not a typical cottage.
And though it looks like a Victorian home from the facade, it's not that either.
The family that bought the home wanted the design to be charming, relaxing and warm for both themselves and the people who select the cottage to stay! We think it is all that and more, now!

Lately, we've added a jacuzzi and air conditioning! The jacuzzi is wonderful to look out into the little backyard with a red barn in view, olive trees and the mountains, after a hard day of wine tasting...shopping or just relaxing! The air conditioning was very necessary, especially up on the third floor bedroom, where it can become very hot if not for the air conditioning. This room is maybe my favorite as everything in it is plaid! As time progresses, this room will have more and more plaid details!

We added a little utilitarian desk with drawers for practicality sake, though I am not always that practical...guests did need a spot to put their things. I looove the window seat and got to outfit it with the most amazing Ralph Lauren fabrics, which I love as well! This room is the perfect place to cozy up and write or read or sleep!

The little pillow with the pin and hand cut linen flower embellishment on it was bought at my favorite little store in Los Olivos, called Avec Moi! You cannot miss this little treasure when you are in town. Michele is the owner and she hand selects everything, or has the little items made just for her store. If I had a store this is how I would do it! She has new and darling display's every season and spends oodles of time changing them up! I'll add little vignettes later and pics of her store. You will love it!

The charming wreath was made by Teri Sangster's daughter,  Grace! She is one darling little girl with some amazing talent for design/craft and a deep, sweet voice that speaks very well (at Inspired31.org's first retreat).

Of course, I finished the pink window seat with Raoul fabric so I had to add that! It's the slouchy, comfy one that you want to crawl up into and read on. The other pink one is a vintage Ralph Lauren that I purchased probably 10 years ago, knowing I'd use it some day. 

The "Paisley Crab" is artwork I purchased in the northwest one day with my sister. It is an amazing water color of a paisley crab. I have seen a crab with paisley, haven't you? You might wonder what does a paisley crab have to do with Los Olivos? Well, the theme of the cottage is the same as my decorating in general: Travel, life, love....just being you. Celebrating the quirkiness in your own unique journey. 

Lastly, this chest of drawers is a vintage antique with hand carved olive or pears. I'm going to go with olives, because olive's are the area's love. But I thought pears' were pretty too. So you can choose!

More soon, on my favorite winery: Saarloos!

Much love and blessing,

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sneakity Peak Los Olivos Cottage Garden

Hello Fellow Cottage Lovers!
I love to garden. I feel so close to God and the Earth, when I'm planting things, with hope that they will grow.
I wanted to share this sneakity peak of the garden before it got warm, as it is a baby garden. You can see there is new grass seed just coming through in an area where we ripped out a huge concrete slab...I love how it's trying to take root!!

I also bought some darling, unusual containers to plant some herbs. I love the white outdoor furniture because it reminds me of Doris Day movies. Ours is freshly painted white with Sunbrella Scalamandre fabric...

I hid a bunch of inspiring words throughout the garden, and in the fountain. They are on concrete, rocks, wooden signs etc.. I love words that make you think, spur you on to inspiring action or make you happy! I'll be adding more!
Jacuzzi will be added soon, but for now this is a peak...

Much love and God bless,

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